1st December 2015 
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adlerian counselling #02Spring Conference 2016: Call for papers
Our residential Spring Conference will be at the Lane End Conference Centre in Buckinghamshire on 22-24 April. The theme is Integrating Adler and proposals for workshops, papers and diverse presentations are warmly invited from all members of ASIIP. Details here.

alfred adler #03Counsellor training workshops now booking

Sat 30 Jan 2016: Adlerian counsellor and Family Therapist Magnus Irvine will be presenting a new workshop on Understanding Anger and Anger Management for Bucks Adlerian Training.

MINDFULNESSS Info & booking
January to March 2016: Adlerian trainer Bruce Greenhalgh is running an 8-week course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at Bucks Adlerian Training.

MEDICATION Info & booking
Sat 30 Jan 2016: GP, coach, mentor and author Peter Bailey presents his popular workshop on Prescribed Medication and Counselling at Bottisham Village College, Cambridge.

Sat 6 Feb 2016: Adlerian trainers Fiona Broadhurst and Bruce Tate will be presenting a workshop for counsellors and supervisors on Difference and Diversity Awareness at Bottisham Village College, Cambridge.

Sat 27 Feb 2016: Adlerian therapist Anthea Millar will be presenting her popular introductory workshop for counsellors on Trauma and Recovery at Bottisham Village College, Cambridge.

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Sad news
Anita Canter, one of the Adlerian Society's oldest and most creative members, died in Liverpool on 11 October, aged 75. She will be greatly missed by her large family and her many close friends and colleagues. Tributes are being posted here.

Looking ahead to summer 2016
A big date for your 2016 diary is the Big Café Adler happening on Sunday 10 July in the Marquee at Manor Barn House, Water Stratford, Bucks. Come and meet old friends and new, enjoy delicious food & drink, and contribute your ideas and get answers to questions. Download flyer. Contact Jill Reynolds for details.

Latest ASIIP publication
Learning Couples is an important new addition to the Adlerian literature on working therapeutically with couples. In this substantial book, Dr Zivit Abramson explores the meaning of the 'hidden contract' in intimate relationships, and suggests ways to help couples help themselves to change it.
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