10th December 2018 
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Back pain and Acupuncture

The following wording has been prepared by therapy websites, to describe the range of therapies offered by therapy websites clients, in this case back pain and acupuncture. This wording is not the responsibility of the Adlerian Society, and is not endorsed by the Adlerian Society

As a natural form of healing, acupuncture provides the following benefits for those clients suffering with back pain: it provides drug-free pain relief which may effectively treat chronic back pain without the need to resort to heavy pain killing drugs, it treats the underlying cause of disease and illness as well as the symptoms, it provides an holistic approach to the treatment of disease and illness, linking body, mind and emotions thereby assisting in the lessening of pain throughout the body and maintenance of general well-being. Acupuncturists who may have the necessary experience you require in treating back pain are located in Bath, Clapham and Omagh.

Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into specific sites (acupuncture points) along the body's meridians to clear energy blockages and encourage the normal flow of qi through the individual. Acupuncturists treat the whole person and therefore don’t distinguish between physical complaints and emotional problems so that, when physical problems are treated, the treatment also affects the way a person feels in themselves. Acupuncturists who may be able to work with you to address the difficulties cause by back pain are based in Acupuncturist Chelmsford, Bracknell and Barnet.

Anyone who has experienced the angst of ongoing back pain may find acupuncture to be an effective aid in finding relief from this distressing condition. If back pain is making you feel off colour and out of sorts, perhaps you are experiencing difficulties at work because of reduced mobility and pain caused by your persistent back problem, which in turn is making you feel generally unhappy then acupuncture may simply help you to cope better. Acupuncturists who may have the experience you require and have experience of treating problems relating to back pain are available in London Bridge, Leigh On Sea and Didsbury.

Clients who undergo acupuncture may often find their immune systems are better able to withstand any further flare ups of old back problems, and if they do fall ill, they find they may tend to suffer less badly and recover more quickly. Acupuncturists who may be able to provide you with a plan to help conquer your back pain can be found in Hampstead, Rejuvenation Salisbury and Greystones.

Acupuncture may be widely used to restore health and vitality and therefore may be an ideal choice to offer relief from back pain. Many clients continue to use acupuncture as an effective form of preventative medicine once their symptoms are under control.