22nd August 2019 
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Depression and Reiki

The following wording has been prepared by therapy websites, to describe the range of therapies offered by therapy websites clients, in this case depression and reiki . This wording is not the responsibility of the Adlerian Society, and is not endorsed by the Adlerian Society

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'life force energy' and a Reiki treatment is the channelling of this energy through a practitioner to the client. One of the key aspects of reiki is the ability to give deep level relaxation, and it is on this level our own natural sense of balance and purpose can be restored and where healing begins. A 'healing' is a step on the way to health, or wholeness and wellbeing; and so sufferers of depression may find reiki to be an effective treatment to start on the road to recovery. Reiki practitioners who may have the necessary experience you require are located in South London, Islington and Somerset.

Reiki can help anyone from people with anxiety and stress, to those who feel depressed and overwhelmed by life events. Reiki is conducted with the client (normally) laying down and fully clothed and the practitioner working through a sequence of hand positions, gently touching, or nearly touching, each particular point. Extra hand positions for targeted channelling can be added if deemed necessary, dependant on the needs of each particular client. The effects of reiki include boosting energy levels to aid healing whether it is on the physical, mental or spiritual planes. Reiki practitioners who may be able to help you with treatment for depression are available in Auratransformation London, Maidstone and Brighton.

Reiki means life energy. The treatment amongst many other things, unblocks negative energy cleansing the space with positive light, or simply calming areas in the body that are over active hence it may have a positive effect upon those suffering depression. Reiki is a diverse healing modality and works on many levels, whether it is just to relax a person or to help eliminate emotional trauma or depressive illness. Reiki may help in any situation and if you would like further information we have reiki practitioners available in Maldon, North London and Wellness North London.

Reiki has been carefully handed down through a small group of healers over the years. In these momentous times the world and the human race need healing more than ever, and reiki is now reaching ever more people as a tool to heal, balance and to aid with personal transformation including from a depressed state into a brighter future. Reiki practitioners who are available to talk through and make a plan for treatment you both feel is appropriate are located in Stevenage, Uxbridge and Nhs.

Reiki is spiritual energy and the practitioner is a channel for it to flow through. A treatment stimulates you to self heal bringing balance to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects which may make reiki a good choice for those seeking help to relieve and help lift depression.