22nd August 2019 
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Counselling and Hypnotherapy

The following wording has been prepared by therapy websites, to describe the range of therapies offered by therapy websites clients, in this case counselling and hypnotherapy. This wording is not the responsibility of the Adlerian Society, and is not endorsed by the Adlerian Society

therapy websites clients are well represented in the therapist community, offering lots of different forms of body therapy as well as mind therapies. Some therapies work well in conjunction with each other and therefore practitioners offer multidisciplinary clinics and tailor their services to their client’s own needs. Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and has very strong connections with the disciplines of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Hypnotherapy is therapy that is undertaken with a client in a state of hypnosis. From the Greek hypnos, meaning sleep, the word hypnosis is an abbreviation of James Braid’s 1843 term neuro-hypnotism, meaning sleep of the nervous system. Do you feel held back by stress, depression, anxiety, fears, or other unresolved issues that prevent you from living life to the full? In which case you may find that hypnotherapy is useful in helping you to achieve a sense of personal power and increasing your self esteem. It is commonly used to gain freedom from fears and negative thoughts so has the potential to combine effectively with counselling.

Healing by hypnotherapy (trance state or an altered state of awareness) has been traced back millenia, in virtually every culture throughout the world. If you suffer from negative emotions, pain, insomnia, skin disorders or unwanted habits such as smoking, nail biting or eating disorders then hypnotherapy may prove worthwhile. Practitioners of hypnotherapy will explain how hypnosis can help to solve your problems if you are suffering from phobias or need to overcome relationship issues and change attitudes. Weight loss is another common issue, for which many people seek hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy may provide a means to relax and handle stressful and difficult situations more confidently, whether they be an important interview, preparation for surgery, or even to improve a sporting or stage performance. If you are lacking in confidence and increasingly worried about situations then hypnotherapy has the potential to complement counselling in order to provide a more positive future outlook.