19th August 2019 
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Adlerian Summer School
Save the date for the 27th Adlerian Summer School: "From surviving to thriving in the modern world" on Saturday 3rd - 9th August 2019 at Felden Lodge.

Newsletter Editor Volunteer
An exciting opportunity arisen for ASIIP members to help share Adlerians ideas, to express opinions in writing and develop writing skills and to learn/practice desktop publishing skills. The role for Newsletter Editor Volunteer is now available. For details please contact Emma Sweetland Email

London Lecture
From the early 1950s the Adlerian Society has held monthly public lectures at this historic venue in central London - Conway Hall, where Alfred Adler himself lectured in the 1930s. This tradition is carried on by fellow Adlerians and other practitioners passionate about mental health and wellbeing. Tuesday 11th of June 2019 at 7.30pm, New London Lecture event: The Courage to be Myself – Overcoming Inferiority Feelings through Social Interest presented by Azhar Juri , chair of the Registered Managers Network (Mental Health) for Sussex, who is happy to share his story and to pass on his enthusiasm by giving others encouragement to discover and find their own lifestyle goals. Azhar Juri is spearheading a campaign to increase cooperation within mental health services and to promote collaboration within the community, ultimately using charity and social interest to bring about more compassion in society. Everyone welcome. CPD certificates available. Online tickets

New: Adlerian Society Year Book 2019
The Editorial Board has pleasure in announcing the publication of the Adlerian Year Book 2019. It is its 24rd consecutive year of publication and presents an assortment of original papers written by contributors from Canada, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Download the Contents & Editorial and place your order on our Publications page.

New Adlerian Book published by ASIIP
Adlerian Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Psychopathology - Based Treatment by Prof. Andre Ferrero, Turin, Italy. Please download Book Poster for more details and orders.

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Working Safely with Trauma Info & booking
Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th March 2019 Adlerian counsellors and supervisors Emma Sweetland, Janina Bell & Jill Reynolds presents "Working Safely with Trauma, based on Babette Rothschild’s “The Body Remembers” " at Bucks Adlerian Training

Sunday 27th January 2019 Vice President of the Adlerian Society in London and a co-editor of the UK Adlerian Journal, Adlerian psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer Anthea Millar presents "Adler & Trauma" at Birkbeck, University of London as part of "A Day on Depth Psychology". Online tickets available.

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