15th July 2020 
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Currently we are improving our website!
In order to make the website responsive, we will make some changes to the site's appearance and structure. We hope that these changes will make it easier for you to find the topics and services you are looking for. We understand that it can be frustrating during this transition that the website has some info out of date but please stay in touch, we're working as quick as possible to bring you a better version of the website. Thank you.

Café Adler Online hosted by ASIIP

You are invited to join ASIIP UK Café Adler Online. Friday 26th of June at 2pm – 4pm

The meetings will be via Zoom and the link will be emailed to you before the meeting. Please send an email to Adler Online to register as places are limited.

If you would be interested in facilitating a Café Adler on a particular theme, please contact us via the above email address.

Adlerian Summer School
Save the date for the 28th Adlerian Summer School: Integrative approaches in therapy, education and parenting on Has gone virtual! Join on the 8th and 9th of August as the Summer School will be linking up via Zoom.

Newsletter Request
We would like ASIIP members to help share Adlerian and Individual Psychology ideas, to express opinions in writing and develop writing skills and to learn/practice desktop publishing skills. If you have any suggestions please contact Kim at newsletter@asiip.org. If you have a submission or suggestion for our September Newsletter the deadline is August 31st 2020

New: Adlerian Society Year Book 2019
The Editorial Board has pleasure in announcing the publication of the Adlerian Year Book 2019. It is its 24rd consecutive year of publication and presents an assortment of original papers written by contributors from Canada, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Download the Contents & Editorial and place your order on our Publications page.

New Adlerian Book published by ASIIP
Adlerian Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Psychopathology - Based Treatment by Prof. Andre Ferrero, Turin, Italy. Please download Book Poster for more details and orders.

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For more workshops in 2020 please check Workshops&Groups

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