23rd July 2019 
Websites for therapists

Counselling, Complementary Therapy, Life Coaching...

Counselling is an important area of focus for therapy websites, but in addition we provide website services for other therapists in related areas, in particular the complementary therapies. This includes mind therapies such as hypnotherapy or therapeutic hypnosis and life coaching. In addition, many therapists use our service for body related therapies such as reflexology, osteopathy and chiropractic, shiatsu massage, massage therapy and aromatherapy, and physiotherapy. Many of our clients take a holistic approach to their work and combine therapies, so we have counsellors who may have cross trained in areas such as acupuncture and TCM, homeopathy, or reiki and energy healing. A final and related area for our clients are those who offer more physical therapies such as alexander technique, yoga, tai chi and chi kung.

Whatever area of specialism you may have, we adopt the same proven approach to helping you achieve success online. At the heart of this is the importance of gaining prominence for our clients on top search engines, which is something we have been consistently achieving for many years. When it comes to design, we have various approaches with an emphasis on value for money, whether you need a bespoke branded design, or simply a neat and professional layout for your messages. Self sufficiency is a 3rd critical area for us. We have no interest in charging you for every small change, so we give you the means to maintain and update your website by yourself.

As part of the financial support we provided to the Adlerian Society was our subsidising of the bespoke design work carried out by James Morrison, a member of the Griffen Mill Design Co-operative who created this lovely design. In addition to our support for the Adlerian Society, we also support a small number of clients operating as social enterprises or charities, such as Palace Gate Counselling and AVIF, as well as our annual support of Samaritans' Feel Good Friday fundraiser. You can read more about this on our WebHealer Blog.