22nd August 2019 
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Counselling and Massage Therapy / Aromatherapy

The following wording has been prepared by therapy websites, to describe the range of therapies offered by therapy websites clients, in this case counselling and massage therapy / aromatherapy. This wording is not the responsibility of the Adlerian Society, and is not endorsed by the Adlerian Society

As well as the mind therapies of counselling and psychotherapy, many therapy websites clients offer body therapies such as therapeutic massage or aromatherapy, and a number of clients combine the two where appropriate. Some practitioners offer multidisciplinary clinics and tailor their services to clients personal needs. Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and similar aromatic compounds from plants, for the purpose of improving a person's mood, cognitive function or health. If you are experiencing conditions such as muscular stiffness or soreness, reduced movement, insomnia, immune function disorder, depression, circulatory problems or migraines, aromatherapy may very well be able to help. Aromatherapy is often used to combat stress, fatigue, and anxiety and when used in conjunction with counselling may also prove beneficial.

Massage therapy - the manipulation of the soft tissue of the body – has been used as a healing therapy for many thousands of years. Deep tissue massage utilises a slow massage technique with the use of essential oils, working gently but firmly with the soft tissue of the body to eliminate toxins that accumulate in the muscles causing pain and discomfort. If you are feeling strung out with no time for yourself, are experiencing aches and pains, a bad back or a stiff neck or just deserving of some pampering then a massage may be just the tonic you need. Massage is an ancient healing art, safe and effective in promoting health and well-being. Massage therapy complements conventional medicine, releasing tension and may work well when combined with counselling.