22nd August 2019 
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Counselling and Physiotherapy

The following wording has been prepared by therapy websites, to describe the range of therapies offered by therapy websites clients, in this case counselling and physiotherapy. This wording is not the responsibility of the Adlerian Society, and is not endorsed by the Adlerian Society

The therapy websites service is widely used by the therapist community, and popular with practitioners offering both body therapy as well as mind therapies, sometimes in conjunction. Physiotherapy is the combined approach of soft tissue and joint mobilisation manipulation with particular regard to exercise rehabilitation. The successful treatment of many musculoskeletal problems including neck and back pain, whiplash, sciatica and muscular pain may be possible through natural means without recourse to invasive surgery or medication. It is therefore, highly complementary to counselling, and where appropriate, can alleviate problems which are exacerbating psychological problems.

Physiotherapy can also help identify the reasons your problems are occurring, such as bad posture or work practices, and so can get to the underlying causes of shoulder pain, knee and ankle pain or a sports injury. This will be explained to you by an experienced physiotherapist and advice given on how to prevent these problems recurring. Physiotherapy helps accelerate your own body’s healing and to this end physiotherapy may be very effective post operatively after surgery for a hip replacement for instance, or post trauma, after you may have suffered from a bone fracture. Strengthening muscles and improving your balance will help to prevent further injuries occurring and increased joint and muscle flexibility can be maintained through an exercise programme which can be discussed with your physiotherapist.