14th July 2020 
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A selection of links to Adlerian websites

Adlerian Society of Wales
Information about counselling training and workshops run by ASW, based in Narbeth, Pembrokeshire

Bucks Adlerian Training
Details of BAT's training programme for counsellors, based in Water Stratford near Buckingham

Cambridge Adlerian Society
Workshops, talks and certificated training courses to Diploma level

Cambridge Supervision Training
Accredited Diploma level training in Adlerian Integrative supervision, introductory workshops and Continuing Professional Development for supervisors

Adlerian Summer Schools
Residential & non-residential workshops in Buckinghamshire for trainee and professional counsellors, teachers, carers (no previous Adlerian experience required)

Adlerian Network of Ireland
For information on ANI's activities, including their summer school in County Tipperary

Scottish Adlerian Society [website being developed]
Contact SAS's founder Margaret Wadsley for details of Adlerian events in Scotland

A voluntary, non-profit educational organisation and the world’s longest-running international summer institute specialising in the psychology and teachings of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs

International Association of Individual Psychology
IAIP aims to brings together the many Individual Psychology and Adlerian-based organisations throughout the world, and provide a forum for international dialogue.

Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy
The website of the Adlerian Institutes of San Francisco and Northwest Washington

North American Society of Adlerian Psychology
NASAP's mission is to foster and promote Adlerian psychological research and training in North America

Good Therapy (Adlerian Psychology page)
Good Therapy advocates healthy and ethical psychotherapy practices