22nd November 2019 
Spring Conference 2020. ConfLeafLogoHeadSpring Conference 2020, 20th to 21st March

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Spring Conference 2020

* Student Rate is available for Students of Psychology/ Counseling/ Social Science/ Education and related (Anybody currently registered on a counselling, psychology or related training course - proof required)

Adlerian Psychology - Supporting Mental Health across the Life Span - Spring Conference 2018

Our keynote speakers were prominent Adlerian practitioners and trainers Anabella Shaked and Bruce Tate .

Belonging and Connectedness: Enhancing Families and Communities - Spring Conference 2017

Our keynote speakers were prominent Adlerian practitioners and trainers Professor Ursula Oberst, Dr Karen John and Suzanne Pearson.

The conference theme focused on belonging and connectedness in families and communities, surely much needed in the current global climate of factions and isolationism, was highly successful.

Spring Conference 2016

On the central theme of Integrating Adler: The relevance of Individual Psychology in families, schools, psychotherapy and science our 2016 conference was held in April at the Lane End Conference Centre in Buckinghamshire and featured stimulating presentations by Dr Bob Johnson and Dr Paul Rasmussen.

Spring Conference 2015

Our highly successful 2015 Conference on Mental Health and Well-Being: An Adlerian Perspective was held in April in Buckinghamshire.

Talks and discussions included:

Dr Bob Johnson, consultant psychiatrist and author (UK): 'Using Anger to Combat the Pain of Psychotic Symptoms'

Yvonne Schuerer, psychotherapist and lecturer (Switzerland): 'Get Familiar with your Life Style'

Samuel Schuerer, psychotherapist and trainer (Switzerland): 'Structure and Processes in IP Counselling'

Margaret Nimmo-Smith, counsellor and trainer (UK): 'Social Interest: How is it relevant today?'

Spring Conference 2014

'What is it to be human?' was the timeless and vital theme of our residential conference in April 2014 at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham.

We were privileged to have as our guest speaker Prof. Colwyn Trevarthen who gave two talks on Human Nature and Early Experience, as well as Adlerian practitioner and elder Alison Still on A Secure Base as a Necessity for Being Human.

Download conference presentations (PDF)
Professor Trevarthen's slides: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Click here to see Professor Trevarthen's work on "Analysing Musicality of Sound and Gesture in Communication with Infants: Finding the Pulse of Sociability".

Spring Conference 2013

The conference took its inspiring theme from the title of the recent book The Quest To Feel Good by Paul R Rasmussen, formerly a Director at the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, and we were delighted to welcome Dr Rasmussen to the UK as our special guest speaker.

Download conference presentations (PDF)
Adler On Belonging: The Feel Good Factor? by Margaret Wadsley
The Quest To Feel Good by Paul R Rasmussen
Patterns Of Four: From Metaphor To Meaning Lilian Beattie

Spring Conference 2012

ASIIP's residential spring gathering was held in April at the Bailbrook House Hotel, Bath, Somerset.

We were delighted to welcome Betty Lou Bettner, one of the orginators of the Crucial Cs model, who joined us from the USA to present 'Relationship Dynamics and the Crucial Cs'.

Dr Bettner, with co-author Amy Lew, is known internationally for her work in developing the ‘Crucial Cs’ (Connection, Capability, Counting and Courage) as a versatile model for understanding and improving relationship dynamics, especially between children and adults.

Spring Conference 2011

Held in the elegant and spacious venue of Bailbrook House in Bath, this was a lively event with a diversity of talks illustrating the enduring power and practical relevance of Adlerian psychology today.

The conference theme was Social Interest, as expressed in these three presentations:

‘Belonging and Significance: Adler’s observations of our shared and individual solutions’
by KAREN JOHN, Developmental Psychologist (UK)

‘The Power of Your Personality Priorities’
by NIRA KFIR, Clinical Psychologist (Israel)

‘Communication, Social Interest and Social Reciprocity’
by ANTHEA MILLAR, Psychotherapist (UK)

Download Karen John's paper on 'Belonging and Significance'

Anthea Millar's presentation was based on her essay 'Communication, Social Reciprocity and Autism' which is printed in the 2011 Year Book

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